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Who Are We?

Al-Furat Company for Marble & Granite

One of the most important leading companies In the field of supplying and manufacturing marble and granite in Saudi Arabia.
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Why Choose Us?

Mastering Projects

Workmanship and quality in delivery are among the most important features that distinguish us in the supply and installation of all our large and small projects alike, which made us the first choice for our customers.

Speed Up The Work

We are very keen and committed to completing business with our customers according to the specified dates and time, while providing the full capabilities and expertise to help with this, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Working Accuracy

Al-Furat Company is distinguished by its accuracy and the availability of the most skilled craftsmen and technicians who are known for their accuracy in execution, according to the testimony of our distinguished customers, in order to preserve and in order to provide the distinguished service that we are known for.

Best Seller

Al Furat Company specializes in providing exclusive varieties of Omani marble .
Exclusive Category

Creamo Light Marble

Cremo Lite marble is characterized by its high quality, high resistance and sound, moisture, and heat insulation.
Exclusive Category

Cremo White Marble

Lovers of the gray-beige color prefer this distinctive variety, which adds elegance and harmony to the projects.
Exclusive Category

Sweet Beige Marble

Sweet Beige marble is distinguished by its glossy color and prominent veins, in addition to high hardness and distinctive insulation of all factors.

Our Distinguished Clients

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Our Customer Reviews

“The best to deal with.. their prices are good”
“High quality and excellent prices”
Burhan Draksibai
“ Highly experienced sellers and very large selection of various products. My favorite was the Spanish marble! ”
Rateb Aldrobi
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